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Welcome to everything you need to know about Authentic-payment and $ACT.

Authentic-Payment is a digital enterprise that offers multiple services, products & is creating a liquid ecosystem in the stellar blockchain while maintaining a level playing field for everyone.

We’ve introduced the Authentic-payment Community Token ($ACT) to support our ecosystem and the #StellarFamily as well as our other partners.

We believe in the power of the community, so by being a strong, friendly and respectful community we can make the difference. We will be there to guide and support you with information, advice, or any help that you need.

$ACT as liquidity/rewards token

The emergence of blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we perceive the internet and its capabilities. Blockchain has given rise to new concepts, which is envisioned as the next iteration of the internet. 
we can now earn, send, pay & play with digital currencies like never before.
$ACT is just another great example of the Authentic-Payment vision,
made possible by the Stellar blockchain.
are you joining us?

All about participation

$ACT is digital asset that is used to incentivize and reward community participation while bringing communities together and encourage participation in our rewards program. 

Join the ACT-HUB for

  • A cool community
  • $ACT tasks
  • $ACT earnings
  • Interacting with our Partners
  • All other information
Join our community Hub to have a central base of upcoming and hot stellar projects, multiple sources of information, a community that’s happy to guide, share and learn and all of this while earning $ACT for your own contribution to the community to. 
Join the ACT-HUB to claim your welcomes $ACT & find out more! #Together

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interact with our community.

share & create original content to get $ACT bonuses.

Learn more about our Partnerships and
how they add value and utility to the Stellar blockchain

Whats your part gonna be, ready to ACT ‘n Earn your way up?,
Get ACT, trade & pool it to
earn $ACT by supporting the ecosysem.
Choice is yours!

Join to get your welcomes $ACT reward.

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